• by PCS
  • 01/15/2020
  • PCSRetirement, Fiduciary, Partnerships

AdvisorTrust - Prepared to be Your Pooled Employer Plan (PEP) Solution

AdvisorTrust is an independent trust company that offers directed trust, custody and other back office services for a full range of retirement plans. Plan sponsors benefit from having a single point of contact for both retirement plan recordkeeping and trust services.

With the new SECURE Act regulations, AdvisorTrust is uniquely positioned to serve as a Pooled Plan Provider (PPP) for Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) and can meet the stringent requirements included in the legislation.  We have already started preparing so that we are ready to serve as a PPP immediately when the provisions for PEPs are effective in 2021.

Why AdvisorTrust?

  • Experienced in providing fiduciary and back office services to retirement plans.
  • Uniquely positioned to serve as a PPP due to the regulatory oversight that trust companies are already subject to including being regulated by a bank examiner, minimum capital requirements, minimum surplus requirements and bonding requirements.
  • Establishment of sub-trusts to segment each participating employer plan that can support different investment options and different plan provisions for participating employers.
  • Segmented trust reporting so that each participating employer will get a trust report for their portion of the PEP.
  • No penalty for existing plans who choose to move to the AdvisorTrust PEP.

While the SECURE Act provided the regulatory changes, we are waiting for interpretive guidance before fully implementing changes. You’ll receive more detailed information once we have that additional guidance.

Contact your PCS Retirement representative with questions.