• by John Manganaro, PlanAdviser
  • 09/15/2016
  • Partnerships

Alpine Trust & Investment Group Adopts PCS 401(k) Platform

Fiduciary retirement plan recordkeeping specialist PCS LLC announced that it will be providing a white-label version of its 401(k) platform to Alpine Trust & Investment Group of Rockford, Illinois.
According to Executive Vice President Julie O’Rourke, Alpine is looking to build on its history as a community bank “to provide the best possible service for the businesses that depend on us to advise and manage their employees' retirement plans." She adds that PCS “offers an outstanding platform for plan sponsors, participants, and the advisers that serve them. We look forward to partnering with them to further enhance our value to our plan clients.”
PCS says its recordkeeping platform “enables advisers to deliver conflict-free, independent, and unbiased retirement plans to their clients.” The solution offers open architecture, automated processing, advanced fee disclosure and transition process support. Additionally, the PCS recordkeeping platform delivers 24/7 participant support and focuses on fiduciary protection.
“In addition to enabling the bank to administer plans more efficiently, our platform will help their advisers be more effective in acquiring, converting and retaining new plan business,” adds Mark Klein, CEO of PCS.
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