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  • 04/25/2018
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How Education Adds Value and Deepens Relationships with Your 401(k) Clients

The better educated your Sponsors and Participants are, the more they'll benefit as investors, and the stronger their relationships will be with you.

As you've probably figured out by now, many otherwise intelligent people have a very low level of financial knowledge. Most consumers don’t understand the basics of markets and investing, and they lack adequate knowledge about day-to-day money management. Many have simply never been taught the importance of budgeting for their long-term goals or the dangers of too much debt.

Poorly educated Sponsors and Participants are more likely to bring unrealistic expectations to their 401(k) plan, making your job more challenging.

The solution is to find an education program that makes the principles of investing relevant to the beginner. Not only should the material be presented in a way that's easily digestible for the average person, but delivered through a platform that allows Sponsors and Participants to access it on their preferred devices on their own schedule.

The Education Solution For Effective 401(k) Management

At Professional Capital Services we've drawn from our more than 17 years serving nearly 150,000 plan participants to create the optimal 401(k) education plan.

We call it (k)nowledge.



Using 12 interactive education modules, which can be completed in just 2-7 minutes each, the course teaches the critical financial skills that will help Participants better manage their money and prepare for their financial futures.

Entertaining and positive, the dozen modules employ video, animation and gaming to teach Participants. They can be accessed from phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. And the instruction is available in English and Spanish.

(k)nowledge allows you to:

·    Create meaningful Participant engagement opportunities

·    Provide additional tools for acquisition

·    Position yourself as a trusted source of financial information

(k)nowledge allows your Sponsors to:

·    Deliver customized financial education to their Participants

·    Track and monitor engagement and usage

·    Initiate important dialogues around critical topics

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