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It's easy to enroll in your plan!

It’s easy to enroll online—just log-in and follow the simple steps. And, after you enroll in your plan, be sure to remember your username and password so you can access your account any time.

If you are a retirement plan participant enrolling and logging-in for the first time, your User ID is your complete Social Security number with no dashes and your temporary password is the last four digits of your Social Security number.

For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password immediately upon logging in. Once you change your password you can access your account any time, day or night.

Five steps to enrollment

Once you log-in, just complete the five steps and you’re enrolled in your plan!

Step 1. Account setup
Review your account and personal information and make updates as necessary.

Step 2. Beneficiaries
Designate those to receive the money in your retirement account upon your death.

Step 3. Contribution election
Specify how much of your gross wages you want to contribute to the plan each pay period, between zero and your plan's maximum amount. Your plan maximums are shown at the bottom of the Rules and Criteria box.

Step 4. Investment selections
Select the funds where your contributions will be invested.

Step 5. Confirmation
Carefully review your entries. If you need to change any of your entries, just edit the section you need to change. When all entries are correct just click on Finish and you’re done!

You’re on your way to save for the future!

It’s convenient to manage your account online!

Getting online access to manage your account online is an important action to take! It’s easy and convenient. Just log-in and you’ll have access to your account at any time—day or night. Get online access today!

How do I access my retirement plan account for the first time?

If you are a retirement plan participant logging on for the first time, your User ID is your complete Social Security number with no dashes and your temporary password is the last four digits of your Social Security number.

For security reasons, you will be prompted to change your password immediately upon logging in. Once you change your password you can access your account any time, day or night.

What do I do if I am having trouble accessing my account?

If you have already logged-on and registered for account access but cannot access your account, click on Forgot User ID or Password in the participant log-in box above and complete the information to request log-in credentials.

If you are still having trouble, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Participant Service Representatives with any questions or concerns via e-mail at info@401kaccountservices.com or via telephone at (888) 621-5491.

What can I do online to manage my account?

When you access your account online you can:

  • Easily check your balances and transaction history
  • Make changes to your contributions and investments
  • Get information on your investment options including historical performance
  • Make certain account transactions
  • Learn more about planning and managing your finances

How do I setup a beneficiary?

You can access our FAQs about beneficiaries by clicking here.

Gain financial education on a range of topics

Wealth Studio is a modern and mobile-optimized financial wellness offering that equips participants with the critical knowledge and skills needed to make great financial decisions and rock their personal finances! Organized in curated, age-based playlists, the educational modules consist of short, informative quizzes, videos, and interactive content. Wealth Studio has detailed metrics on the success of each interaction and addresses different learning styles and preferred methods of engaging and interacting.

Financial foundations: Car Loans, Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, Mobile and Online Banking, and Preventing Overdraft Fees

Owning a home: Buying a Home, Considering Homeownership, Investment Property, Mortgages Mortgage Relief, and Reverse Mortgages

Preparing for retirement: 401K Plans, FIRE Lifestyle, IRA’s Planning for Retirement, When to Collect, and Social Security

Building financial capability: Creating a Budget Credit, Scores & Reports, Debt Management, Family Conversations About Money, Identity Protection, and Taxes – The Basics

Log-in to your account to access Wealth Studio on your computer, tablet or phone—so you can learn anytime, anywhere. Courses are ADA compliant and available in both English and Spanish

Prospecting, plan conversion and client retention have never been easier

The Advisor Lab is your single source for the complete client lifecycle—prospecting, plan conversion and client retention.

Prospecting with PlanFinderSM

Easy to use and mobile optimized to access your geolocation to identify prospects and clients near you. It’s easy-to-use and intuitive—it almost does the prospecting for you.

Benchmarking with the Plan DiagnosticSM Report

Show your prospects the value you bring. This report provides framework to have discussion with plan sponsors and allows you to easily explain what is working and what’s not.

Comparing plans with the Retirement Plan Efficiency AnalysisSM report

Save significant time and expense while delivering tangible value in client meetings. Generate a detailed report in minutes with a side-by-side provider comparison.

Proposing on plans and growing your brand

The self-service proposal system is easy, quick, and intuitive and allows you to brand a proposal for your firm. It’s comprehensive so there’s no need to cobble different documents together.

Annual Plan Review and Benchmarking report

Provide value to your clients. Review plan investment performance and operations, compare to similar plans, and identify opportunities for improvement.

All-In-One Fee Report

A consolidated report to assist you and your clients in meeting fiduciary responsibilities.

Make managing your client relationships more efficient by connecting with PCS integration partners

Platform integrations are designed for efficiency and to give you the tools you need to provide the necessary fiduciary support to plan sponsors and their employees.

For wealth management

For investment compliance

Help your plan sponsor clients streamline their payroll integration with PaySnap

Your clients can easily enroll new employees and validate census and payroll data for accuracy. The PaySnap system integrates with over 30 leading payroll providers.

Here’s what you should know about managing retirement plan investments on the PCS platform

No proprietary investments

There are no proprietary investments—no conflicts of interest—so you can always pick the investments that are best for your clients. We pride ourselves on offering a truly independent platform with no hidden agenda or funds to push. Customize your fund lineups and models by choosing from a diverse menu of more than 21,600 mutual funds and ETFs.

Investment Management Center

The Investment Management Center gives you a single platform to easily add, replace, rebalance, or transfer funds across all your defined contribution plan lineups or model portfolios. This platform—integrated into our recordkeeping system—is designed to save you time and reduce the fiduciary complexity associated with managing retirement plan investments. You can offer sophisticated investment solutions to smaller plans and no longer have to offer off-the-shelf group annuities and target date funds.

No fund restrictions

We offer no “pay-to-play.” Unlike many bundled providers that limit fund selection to those that meet the provider’s fee sharing requirements, there are no restrictions on the available funds.

Fair and transparent pricing

PCS is committed to fair pricing and full fee disclosure. We want you to always know who you are paying and for what services. A hallmark of our platform is the offset of all mutual fund revenue—including both 12b-1 fees and sub-transfer agency fees—against investment management, recordkeeping, trustee and custodial expenses.